Audio Ambience Allows the user to select an
environment the radio is
operating in.
Audio Profiles Allows the user to select the
preferred audio profile.
Bluetooth® Audio
Toggles audio routing
between internal radio
speaker and external
Bluetooth-enabled accessory.
Contacts Provides direct access to the
Contacts list.
Call Alert Provides direct access to the
contacts list for you to select a
contact to whom a Call Alert
can be sent.
Call Log Selects the call log list.
Emergency Depending on the
programming, initiates or
cancels an emergency.
Ext Public
Address (PA)
Toggles audio routing
between the connected PA
loudspeaker amplifier and the
internal PA system of the
Reset Home
Sets a new home channel.
Silence Home
Channel Reminder
Mutes the Home Channel
Indoor Location Toggles Indoor Location on or
Intelligent Audio Toggles intelligent audio on or
Manual Dial Initiates a Private Call by
keying in any subscriber ID.
Manual Site Roam Starts the manual site search.
Mic AGC Toggles the internal
microphone automatic gain
control (AGC) on or off.
Notifications Provides direct access to the
Notifications list.
One Touch Access Directly initiates a predefined
Broadcast, Private, Phone or
Group Call, a Call Alert or a
Quick Text message.
Capacity Max Operations
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