Press the programmed Wi-Fi On or Off button.
Voice Announcement sounds Turning On Wi-Fi or
Turning Off Wi-Fi.
Access this feature via the menu.
a) Press to access the menu.
b) Press or to WiFi and press
to select.
c) Press or to WiFi Status and
press to select.
Press to turn on Wi-Fi. The display shows
beside Enabled.
Press to turn off Wi-Fi. The disappears
from beside Enabled.
Connecting to a Network Access Point
This feature is applicable to XPR 5550e/XPR
5580e only.
When you turn on Wi-Fi®, the radio scans and
connects to a network access point.
You can also connect to a network access point via
the menu.
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to WiFi and press to
3Press or to Networks and press
to select.
4Press or to a network access point
and press to select.
5Press or to Connect and press
to select.
6Enter the password and press .
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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