4 or to Radio Enable
and press to select.
The display shows Radio Enable: <Subscriber
Alias or ID> and the LED lights up solid green.
2Wait for acknowledgement.
If successful, a positive indicator tone sounds and
the display shows Radio Enable Successful.
If not successful, a negative indicator tone sounds
and the display shows Radio Enable Failed.
Bluetooth Operation
If disabled via the CPS, all Bluetooth-related
features are disabled and the Bluetooth device
database is erased.
This feature allows you to use your radio with a
Bluetooth-enabled device (accessory) via a wireless
Bluetooth connection. Your radio supports both
Motorola and COTS (Commercially available Off-The-
Shelf) Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Bluetooth operates within a range of 10 meters (32
feet) line of sight. This is an unobstructed path
between your radio and your Bluetooth-enabled
It is not recommended that you leave your radio
behind and expect your Bluetooth-enabled device to
work with a high degree of reliability when they are
At the fringe areas of reception, both voice and tone
quality will start to sound “garbled” or “broken”. To
correct this problem, simply position your radio and
Bluetooth-enabled device closer to each other (within
the 10-meter/32 feet defined range) to re-establish
clear audio reception. Your radio’s Bluetooth function
has a maximum power of 2.5 mW (4 dBm) at the 10-
meter/32 feet range.
Your radio can support up to 4 simultaneous
Bluetooth connections with Bluetooth-enabled
devices of unique types. For example, a headset, and
a PTT-Only Device (POD). Multiple connections with
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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