Option Steps
Delete Select Delete to delete the text
Resend Select Resend to resend the select-
ed text message to the same sub-
scriber/group alias or ID.
The display shows Sending Mes‐
sage, confirming that the same mes-
sage is being sent to the same tar-
get radio.
If the message is sent successfully,
a tone sounds and the display
shows Message Sent.
If the message cannot be sent, a
low tone sounds and the display
shows Message Send Failed.
If the message fails to send, the ra-
dio returns you to the Resend option
screen. Press to resend the
message to the same subscriber/
group alias or ID.
Option Steps
If you exit the message
sending screen while the
message is being sent, the
radio updates the status of
the message in the Sent
Items folder without provid-
ing any indication in the dis-
play or via sound.
If the radio changes mode or
powers down before the sta-
tus of the message in Sent
Items is updated, the radio
cannot complete any In-
Progress messages and au-
tomatically marks it with a
Send Failed icon.
The radio supports a maxi-
mum of five (5) In-Progress
messages at one time. Dur-
ing this period, the radio
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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