5Select the message recipient by
or to the required alias and press
to select.
or to Manual Dial, and press
to select. The first line of the display
shows Number:. The second line of the display
shows a blinking cursor. Key in the subscriber
alias or ID and press .
The display shows Sending Message, confirming
your message is being sent.
If the message is sent successfully, a tone sounds
and the display shows Message Sent.
If the message cannot be sent, a low tone sounds
and the display shows Message Send Failed.
If the text message cannot be sent, it is moved to
the Sent Items folder and marked with a Send
Failed icon.
Deleting a Saved Text Message from Drafts
1Access the Text Message feature.
Radio Con-
Text Message
Press the programmed Text
Message button.
Menu 1 to access the menu.
2 or to Messages
and press to select.
2 or to Drafts and press to
3 or to the required message and press
to select.
4 or to Delete and press to delete
the text message.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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