When your radio is selected to a Connect Plus zone,
it supports three Emergency modes:
You must press the PTT button to
talk on the assigned emergency time
Call with
Voice to
For the first transmission on the
assigned emergency time slot, the
microphone is automatically
unmuted and you may talk without
pressing the PTT button. The
microphone stays “hot” in this
fashion for a time period
programmed into the radio. For
subsequent transmissions in the
same Emergency call, you must
press the PTT button.
An Emergency Alert is not a voice
call. It is an emergency notification
that is sent to radios that are
configured to receive these alerts.
The radio sends an emergency alert
via the control channel of the
currently registered site. The
Emergency Alert is received by
radios in the Connect Plus network
that are programmed to receive
them (no matter which network site
they are registered to).
Only one of the Emergency Modes can be assigned
to the Emergency button per zone. In addition, each
Emergency mode has the following types:
Regular Radio initiates an Emergency and
shows audio and/or visual indicators.
Silent Radio initiates an Emergency without
any audio or visual indicators. The radio
suppresses all audio or visual
indications of the Emergency until you
press the PTT button to start a voice
The same as Silent operation, except
that the radio also unmutes for some
voice transmissions.
Receiving an Incoming Emergency
Your radio may be programmed to sound an alert
tone and also display information about the incoming
Emergency. If so programmed, upon receiving the
incoming Emergency, the display shows the
Emergency Details screen with the emergency icon,
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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