5 or to Call Ringers and press
to select.
6 or to Text Message and press
to select.
The current tone is indicated by a .
7 or to the required tone and press
to select.
appears beside selected tone.
Selecting a Ring Alert Type
The programmed Ring Alert Type button is
assigned by your dealer or system
administrator. Check with your dealer or
system administrator to determine how your
radio has been programmed.
You can program the radio calls to one
predetermined vibrate call. If All Tones status is
disabled, the radio displays the All Tone Mute icon. If
All Tones status is enabled, the related ring alert type
is displayed.
The radio sounds one vibration if it is a momentary
ring style. The radio vibrates repetitively if it is a
repetitive ring style. When set to Ring and Vibrate,
the radio sounds a specific ring tone if there is any
incoming radio transaction (for example, Call Alert or
Message). It sounds like a good key tone or missed
Escalating Alarm Tone Volume
You can program your radio to continually alert you
when a radio call remains unanswered. This is done
by automatically increasing the alarm tone volume
over time. This feature is known as Escalert.
Call Log Features
Your radio keeps track of all recent outgoing,
answered, and missed Private Calls. Use the call log
feature to view and manage recent calls.
You can perform the following tasks in each of your
call lists:
• Delete
View Details
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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