4Use the keypad to enter the contact number and
press to confirm.
5Use the keypad to enter the contact name and
press to confirm.
6If adding a Radio Contact, or to the
required ringer type and press to select.
The radio sounds a positive indicator tone and the
display shows Contact Saved.
Call Indicator Settings
Activating and Deactivating Call Ringers for Call Alert
You can select, or turn on or off ringing tones for a
received Call Alert.
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Utilities and press
to select.
3Press or to Radio Settings and
press to select.
4Press or to Tones/Alert and press
to select.
5Press or to Call Ringers and press
to select.
6Press or to Call Alert and press
to select.
The current tone is indicated by a .
7Press or to the required tone and
press to select.
appears beside selected tone.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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