the radio attempts to transmit to the
scanned group.
If you scan into a call for a group that is not
assigned to a channel position in the currently
selected zone and you miss the Hang Time of
the call, switch to the proper zone and then
select the channel position of the group to talk
back to that group.
Editing Priority for a Talkgroup
The Priority Monitor feature allows the radio to
automatically receive transmission from the talkgroup
with higher priority when it is in another call. A tone
sounds when the radio switches to the call with higher
There are two levels of priority for the talkgroups: P1
and P2. P1 has higher priority than P2.
If Default Emergency Revert Group ID is
configured in MOTOTRBO Connect Plus
Option Board CPS, there are three levels of
priority for talkgroups: P0, P1 and P2. P0 is
the permanent Emergency Revert Group ID
and the highest priority. Check with your
dealer or system administrator for more
1 to access the menu.
2 or to Scan and press to select.
3 or to View/Edit List and press
to select.
4 or to the required talkgroup and press
to select.
5 or to Edit Priority and press
to select.
6 or to the required priority level and
press to select.
The display shows positive mini notice before
returning to the previous screen. The priority icon
appears on the left of the talkgroup.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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