list entry currently shows a check mark or not.
Whenever a radio is not in a call, the radio
listens for activity on its Selected Group,
Multigroup, the Site All Call, and its Default
Emergency Revert Group (if configured for
one). This operation cannot be disabled. If
Scan is enabled the radio will also listen for
activity on enabled Zone Scan List members.
Your scan list determines which groups can be
scanned. The list is created when your radio is
programmed. If your radio has been programmed to
allow you to edit the scan list, you can,
Enable/disable scan for individual groups on the
Add and Remove the scan members from the Add
Member menu. Refer to Add or Delete a Group via
the Add Members Menu on page 183.
A Scan List member must be a regular Group
Contact (i.e. not Multigroup or Site All Call/
Network Wide All Call) that is currently
assigned to a Channel Selector position in a
Connect Plus Zone with the same Network ID
as the currently selected Zone.
The Talkgroup alias must not match any
Talkgroup that has been included in the
current Zone's Scan List.
1 to access the menu.
2 or to View/Edit List and press
to select.
3 or to the desired Group name.
If a check mark precedes the Group name, then
scan is currently enabled for this Group.
If there is no check mark preceding the Group
name, then scan is currently disabled for this
4 to select the desired Group.
The display shows Enable if scan is currently
disabled for the Group.
The display shows Disable if scan is currently
enabled for the Group.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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