3 or to the required sub-
scriber alias or ID and press
to select.
4 or to Manual Dial
and press to select.
5 or to Remote Mon.
and press to select.
The first text line shows Rem. Monitor. The
second text line displays the Target Alias,
indicating the request is in progress. The LED
lights up blinking green.
2Wait for acknowledgement.
If successful, a positive indicator tone sounds and
the display momentarily shows Rem. Monitor
Successful. Your radio starts playing audio from
the monitored radio for a programmed duration
and display shows Rem. Monitor, followed by
target alias. Once the timer expires, the radio
sounds an alert tone and the LED turns off.
If unsuccessful, the radio sounds a negative
indicator tone the display shows Rem. Monitor
This feature allows your radio to monitor and join calls
for groups defined in a pre-programmed scan list.
When scan is enabled, the scan icon appears on the
status bar and the LED blinks yellow when idle.
Starting and Stopping Scan
This procedure turns the Scan feature On or
Off for all Connect Plus zones with the same
Network ID as your currently selected zone. It
is important to note that even when the Scan
feature is turned on via this procedure, scan
may still be disabled for some (or all) groups
on your scan list. See Editing the Scan List on
page 181 for more information.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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