registration “beep” when the radio successfully
registers. If you are in the range of an operable site
(that is not in Fallback mode), you may press the
Roam Request button (if programmed for your radio)
to force your radio to search for and register on an
available site. If no other site is available, your radio
returns to Auto Fallback mode after searching is
complete. If you drive out of coverage of your
Fallback repeater, your radio enters Search mode
(display indicates “Searching”).
Radio Check
If enabled, this feature allows you to determine if
another radio is active in a system without disturbing
the user of that radio. No audible or visual notification
is shown on the target radio.
This feature is only applicable for subscriber aliases
or IDs.
Sending a Radio Check
1Access the Radio Check feature.
med Ra-
dio Check
1Press the programmed Radio
Check button.
2 or to the required
subscriber alias or ID and press
to select.
Menu 1 to access the menu.
2 or to Contacts and
press to select.
3 or to the required
subscriber alias or ID and press
to select.
4 or to Radio Check
and press to select.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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