Press the PTT button to talk and release it to
Inbound Phone Multi-Group Call
When you receive an Inbound Phone Multi-Group
Call, the Group Call icon appears in the top right
corner. The first text line shows Multigroup Call.
The radio unmutes and the incoming multi-group call
sounds through the radio's speaker.
Making a Radio Call
After selecting your channel, you can select a
subscriber alias or ID, or group alias or ID by using:
The Channel Selector Knob.
A programmed One Touch Access button – The
One Touch Access feature allows you to make a
Private Call to a predefined ID easily. This feature
can be assigned to a short or long programmable
button press. You can ONLY have one ID
assigned to a One Touch Access button. Your
radio can have multiple One Touch Access
buttons programmed.
The Contacts list (see Contacts Settings on page
Your radio must have the Privacy feature
enabled on the channel to send a privacy-
enabled transmission. Only target radios with
the same Key Value and Key ID as your radio
will be able to unscramble the transmission.
See Privacy on page 212 for more
Making a Call with the Channel Selector Knob
Making a Group Call
To make a call to a group of users, your radio must
be configured as part of that group.
1Select the channel with the active group alias or
ID. See Selecting a Call Type on page 163.
2Hold the microphone 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.0 cm)
from your mouth.
3Press the PTT button to make the call.
The LED lights up solid green. The Group Call
icon appears in the top right corner. The first text
line shows the group call alias.
Making and Receiving Calls in Connect Plus Mode
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