See Making a Private Call on page 168 for details on
making a Private Call.
Receiving a Site All Call
A Site All Call is a call from an individual radio to
every radio on the site. It is used to make important
announcements requiring the user’s full attention.
When you receive an Site All Call, a tone sounds and
the LED blinks green.
The Group Call icon appears in the top right corner.
The first text line shows the caller alias. The second
text line displays Site All Call. Your radio
unmutes and the incoming call sounds through the
radio speaker.
Once the Site All Call ends, the radio returns to the
previous screen before receiving the call. A Site All
Call does not wait for a predetermined period of time
before ending.
You cannot respond to an Site All Call.
See Making a Site All Call on page 169 for
details on making a Site All Call.
The radio stops receiving the Site All Call if
you switch to a different channel while
receiving the call. During a Site All Call, you
will not be able to use any programmed button
functions until the call ends.
Receiving an Inbound Private Phone Call
When you receive an Inbound Private Phone Call, the
Phone Call as Private Call icon appears in the top
right corner. The first text line shows Phone Call.
1Press and hold the PTT button to answer and talk.
Release the PTT button to listen.
2Long press to end the call.
The first line of the display shows Ending. The
second line of the display shows Phone Call....
The display returns to the Phone Call screen.
The display shows Phone Call Ended.
Making and Receiving Calls in Connect Plus Mode
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