is not allowed to use. Your radio does not need to be
reprogrammed to change the list of allowed and
disallowed sites. If your radio attempts to register at a
disallowed site, you see a brief message stating:
Site <number given> Not Allowed. The radio
then searches for a different network site.
Selecting a Zone
The radio can be programmed with a maximum of 16
Connect Plus Zones and each Connect Plus zone
contains a maximum of 16 assignable positions on
the Channel Selector Knob.
Each assignable knob position can be used to start
one of the following voice call types:
Group Call
Multigroup Call
Site All Call
Private Call
1Access the Zone feature by performing one of the
following actions:
Radio Controls Steps
Zone Selection
Press the programmed Zone
Selection button.
Radio menu 1 to access the menu.
2 or to Zone and
press to select.
The current zone is displayed and indicated by a
2Select the required zone.
Radio Control Steps
or or and scroll to the
required zone.
3Press to select.
The display shows <Zone> Selected
momentarily and returns to the selected zone
Making and Receiving Calls in Connect Plus Mode
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