Unassigned Indicates that the button
function has not yet been
Identifying Status Indicators in Connect Plus
Display Icons
The following are icons that appear on the display of
the radio.
Received Signal Strength Indicator
The number of bars displayed repre-
sents the radio signal strength. Four
bars indicate the strongest signal. This
icon is only displayed while receiving.
Bluetooth Not Connected
The Bluetooth feature is enabled but
there is no remote Bluetooth device con-
Bluetooth Connected
The Bluetooth feature is enabled. The
icon stays lit when a remote Bluetooth
device is connected.
High Volume Data
Radio is receiving high volume data and
channel is busy.
Indoor Location Available[4]
Indoor location status is on and availa-
Indoor Location Unavailable[4]
Indoor location status is on but unavaila-
ble due to Bluetooth disabled or Bea-
cons Scan suspended by Bluetooth.
Notification List has items to review.
or Power Level
Additional Radio Controls in Connect Plus Mode
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