If the password is incorrect, the display shows
Wrong Password and automatically returns to the
previous menu.
6Press or to Change PWD. Press
to select.
7Enter a new four-digit password, and press
to proceed.
8Re-enter the new four-digit password, and press
to proceed.
If successful, the display shows Password
If unsuccessful, the display shows Passwords Do
Not Match.
The screen automatically returns to the previous
Notification List
Your radio has a Notification list that collects all your
unread events on the channel, such as unread text
messages, telegrams, missed calls and call alerts.
The display shows the Notification icon when the
Notification list has one or more events.
For text messaging and missed call/call alert
notification events, the maximum number are 30 text
messages and 10 missed calls/call alerts. This
maximum number depends on individual feature (job
tickets or text messages or missed calls/ call alerts)
list capability.
Accessing Notification List
Follow the procedure to access the Notification list on
your radio.
1Press to access the menu.
2Press or to Notification. Press
to select.
3Press or to the required event. Press
to select.
4Long press to return to the Home screen.
Capacity Max Operations
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