example, you may want to disable a stolen radio to
prevent unauthorized users from using it, and enable
the radio when it is recovered.
When a radio is stunned, the radio cannot request nor
receive any user initiated services on the system that
performed the Stun procedure. However, the radio
can switch to another system. The radio continues to
send GPS location reports and can be remote
monitored when it was stunned.
Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
Lone Worker
This feature prompts an emergency to be raised if
there is no user activity, such as any radio button
press or activation of the channel selector, for a
predefined time.
Following no user activity for a programmed duration,
the radio pre-warns the user via an audio indicator
once the inactivity timer expires.
If there is still no acknowledgment by the user before
the predefined reminder timer expires, the radio
initiates an emergency condition as programmed by
the dealer or system administrator.
See Emergency Operation on page 91 for more
Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
Password Lock Features
This feature allows you to restrict access to the radio
by asking for a password when the device is turned
You can use a keypad microphone or Scroll Up/
Down buttons to enter the password.
Accessing Radios by Using Passwords
Follow the procedure to access your radio by using a
1Enter the current four-digit password.
The use of Emergency footswitch cancels out
password input to access the radio.
Use a keypad microphone.
Capacity Max Operations
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