2Press or to Messages. Press to
3Press or to Quick Text. Press
to select.
4Press or to the required Quick Text
message. Press to select.
5Do the following to select the recipient and send
the message.
The display shows a transitional mini notice,
confirming that your message is being sent.
6Wait for acknowledgment.
If successful:
A positive indicator tone sounds.
The display shows a positive mini notice.
If unsuccessful:
A negative indicator tone sounds.
The display shows a negative mini notice.
The radio proceeds to the Resend option
screen. See Resending Text Messages on
page 102 for more information.
Text Entry Configuration
Your radio allows you to configure different text.
You can configure the following settings for entering
text on your radio:
Word Predict
Word Correct
Sentence Cap
My Words
Your radio supports the following text entry methods:
• Numbers
• Symbols
Predictive or Multi-Tap
Language (If programmed)
Press at any time to return to the
previous screen or long press to return
to the Home Screen. The radio exits the
Capacity Max Operations
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