Bluetooth 7 - 5
MotoBTUI Application
Use the MotoBTUI application to:
Turn the Bluetooth radio on and off. See Turning the Bluetooth Radio Mode On and Off on page 7-6.
View device information
Control device status
Generate a pairing bar code (See Using the RS507 Hands-free Imager on page 10-19 for more
Configure FIPS key.
Figure 7-1
MotoBTUI Window
Device Information
The view the MC67 Bluetooth information:
1. Tap Start > MotoUI.
2. Tap My Device Information.
3. The Device Information window displays:
Device Name
HCI version number
LMP version number
Bluetooth chip manufacturer name
BT UI version number.
4. Tap the Back button to return to the MotoBTUI window.
FIPS Configuration
NOTE By default the MC67 has a FIPS key installed. If required, the user can generate a new FIPS
key. If a new key is generated on the MC67, the same key is required to be used on the other
Bluetooth device. The user must transfer the key to the other device.
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