6 - 2 MC67 User Guide
2. Select an email account.
3. Tap an email to open it.
Replying to a Message
To reply to a message:
1. Press > E-mail.
2. Select an email account.
3. Tap an email to open it.
4. Tap .
5. Enter a reply message, and then tap .
Text Messaging
Use the Text Messages window to send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones. The text can
contain words, numbers, or an alphanumeric combination no longer than 160 characters.
Short text messages delivered over mobile networks transmit from the sending MC67, are stored in a central
short message center, then forwarded to the destination mobile device. If the recipient is not available, the
message is stored and can be sent later.
Viewing Text Messages
The user can view a text message whether the phone is on or off. When the phone is on, the user can view a
text message from its notification pop-up. Tap the text message notification icon on the navigation bar to
display the message.
Figure 6-1
New Text Message Notification
The Caller Identification feature matches incoming text message numbers with those stored in Contacts so the
user knows who is sending the message. Furthermore, the New Text Message dialog box gives the user the
option to call the sender or save, dismiss, or delete the message.
Text Message Notification Icon
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