Using WLAN 5 - 5
Figure 5-6
WEP-40 WEP Keys Dialog Box
15. In the Edit Key drop-down list, select the key to enter.
16. In the Key field, enter 10 hexadecimal characters.
17. In the Confirm field, re-enter the key. When the keys match, a message appears indicating that the keys
18. Repeat for each WEP key.
19. In the Transmit Key drop-down list, select the key to transmit.
20. Tap Next. The IPv4 Address Entry dialog box displays.
Figure 5-7
IP Address Entry Dialog Box
21. Ensure that all three check boxes are selected.
22. Tap Next. The Battery Usage dialog box appears.
23. In the Battery Usage Mode dialog box select a power consumption option.
Figure 5-8
Battery Usage Dialog Box
24. Tap Next. The Performance Settings dialog box appears.
25. In the Performance Settings dialog box select either Optimize for Data or Optimize for Voice.
26. Tap Save.
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