Using WLAN 5 - 3
Fusion Setup
For detailed WLAN setup using Fusion, refer to the Wireless Fusion Enterprise Mobility Suite User Guide for
Version X2.xx.
To setup WLAN using Fusion:
1. Tap the > Wireless Companion > Wireless Launch > Manage Profiles. The Manage Profiles
window appears.
2. Tap and hold in the window and select Add from the pop-up menu. The Wireless LAN Profile Entry
window appears.
3. In the Profile Name text box enter a name for the profile.
4. In the ESSID text box enter the ESSID.
Figure 5-2
Profile ID Dialog Box
5. Tap Next. The Operating Mode dialog box displays.
6. In the Operating Mode drop-down list, select Infrastructure or Ad-hoc.
Options Invokes the Options application which allows the user to configure the
Fusion option settings.
Wireless Status Invokes the Wireless Status application which allows the user to view
the status of the current wireless connection.
Wireless Diagnostics Invokes the Wireless Diagnostics application which provides tools
with which to diagnose problems with the wireless connection.
Log on/off Invokes the Network Login dialog which allows the user to log on to a
particular profile or to log off from the currently active profile
Fusion Help Invokes Fusion Help application which provides on-device Help.
Table 5-1
Supported Applications (Continued)
Application Description
NOTE Obtain the proper WLAN configuration information from the system administrator prior to performing the
Fusion setup procedures.
The following setup procedure example shows setup of a WLAN using Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
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