4 - 6 MC67 User Guide
appropriately before putting the headset on. When a Bluetooth headset is connected the speakerphone is
Adjusting Audio Volume
Use the Volume buttons to adjust the volume of the ringer when not in a call and the audio volume when in a
Muting a Call
During a call, the caller can mute the microphone so they can hear the person on the line but cannot hear the
caller. This is useful when there is conversation or background noise.
To mute or unmute a call tap Mute on the dialer to mute the audio. The Mute button becomes yellow.
Taking Notes
To create a note during a call, tap Note on the display, then enter the note. For more information about creating
notes see the Windows On-Device Help.
To access a note created during a call:
1. Press .
2. From the Phone keypad, tap Call History.
3. Tap and hold the number or the Note icon for the phone call entry containing the note.
Figure 4-6
Call History - Notes Menu
4. Tap View Note.
5. Tap OK to exit.
NOTE Adjust the conversation phone volume during a call. Adjusting the volume while not in a call affects the
ring and notification sound levels.
Note icon
NOTE Also access notes directly from the Notes application by tapping > Notes.
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