Use the MC67 to make phone calls, keep track of calls, and send text messages. Wireless service providers
may also provide other services such as voice mail, call forwarding, and caller ID.
Also use the phone to connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or work network in order to browse the
Web and read e-mail over Evolved High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) or CDMA Evolution Data Optimized
(EvDO) using cellular line.
Making a Call
With the MC67, make a call from the phone, contacts, speed dial and call history.
Using the Phone Keypad
To make a call using the phone keypad:
1. Press .
2. Enter the phone number on the dialer or keypad. The number appears in the call line.
3. Press .
4. Press to stop dialing or end the call.
NOTE The user can make emergency calls even when the MC67 is locked or when a subscriber identification
module (SIM) card is not installed. See Emergency Calling on page 4-5 for more information.
NOTE If the user taps a wrong number, tap Delete key to erase each subsequent digit of a number. To erase the
entire number, tap and hold the Delete key.
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