Data Capture 3 - 7
1. Tap > Pictures & Videos.
2. Tap Menu, then configure the device settings.
Video - Tap to switch to video mode.
Mode - Select from the following modes to take the picture:
Normal - Takes picture using the default settings.
Burst - Takes picture consecutively in continuous mode.
Timer - Takes picture five seconds after pressing the Enter key.
Brightness - Set the camera brightness level.
Resolution - Set the camera resolution level. Note that selecting a high resolution picture increases the
size of the file significantly.
Flash - Turns flash on and off.
Auto Focus - Turns auto focus on and off.
Full Screen - Toggles the viewfinder between full screen and window modes.
Options - Displays the camera options window.
3. Tap OK to exit.
Recording a Video
To record a video:
1. Tap > Pictures & Videos.
2. Tap Camera.
3. Tap Menu > Video.
Figure 3-6
Video Window
The available recording time displays on the screen.
4. Press the Enter key to begin recording.
NOTE By default, the time limit for recording videos is set to 30 seconds.
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