3 - 4 MC67 User Guide
Digital Camera Scanning
To read a bar code, a scan-enabled application is required. The MC67 contains the DataWedge application
that allows the user to enable the camera, decode the bar code data and display the bar code content.
1. Enable DataWedge. See Enable DataWedge on page 3-4.
2. Launch an application that supports text inputs, such as Word Mobile 2010 or Excel Mobile 2010.
3. Point the camera lens on the back of the MC67 at a bar code.
Figure 3-4
Camera Scanning
4. Press and hold . A preview window appears on the display window and a red aiming line emits from the
MC67. The Data Capture LED lights red indicating that the data capture is in process.
5. Move the MC67 until the red aiming line is across the bar code.
6. The light emitting diode (LED) lights green and a beep sounds, by default, to indicate the bar code was
decoded successfully.
7. The bar code content data displays in the text field.
Enable DataWedge
To enable DataWedge:
1. Tap > Settings > System > DataWedge.
2. Tap Basic configuration.
3. Tap 1. Barcode input.
4. Tap one of the following:
a. 1. Block Buster Imager (for scanning using the imager).
b. 2. Camera Scanner Driver (for scanning using the camera).
c. 3. Bluetooth SSI Scanner Driver (for scanning using the RS507, see Using the RS507 Hands-free
Imager on page 10-19).
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