Data Capture 3 - 3
2. Launch an application that supports text inputs, such as Word Mobile 2010 or Excel Mobile 2010.
3. Point the exit window on the top of the MC67 at a bar code.
Figure 3-1
Imager Scanning
4. Press and hold the scan button.
The red laser aiming pattern turns on to assist in aiming. Ensure the bar code is within the area formed by
the crosshairs in the aiming pattern. The aiming dot is used for increased visibility in bright lighting
The Scan/Decode LED lights red to indicate that scanning is in process, then lights green and a beep
sounds, by default, to indicate the bar code was decoded successfully. Note that when the MC67 is in Pick
List Mode, the imager does not decode the bar code until the crosshair or aiming dot touches the bar code.
Figure 3-2
Aiming Pattern
Figure 3-3
Pick List Mode with Multiple Bar Codes in Aiming Pattern
5. Release the scan button.
6. Disable DataWedge. See Disable DataWedge on page 3-5.
Decoded Not Decoded
NOTE Imager decoding usually occurs instantaneously. The MC67 repeats the steps required to take a digital
picture (image) of a poor or difficult bar code as long as the scan button remains pressed.
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