The MC67 offers three types of data capture options:
Digital camera.
The MC67 with an integrated imager has the following features:
Omnidirectional reading of a variety of bar code symbologies, including the most popular linear, postal,
PDF417, and 2D matrix code types.
The ability to capture and download images to a host for a variety of imaging applications.
Advanced intuitive laser aiming cross-hair and dot aiming for easy point-and-shoot operation.
The imager uses imaging technology to take a picture of a bar code, stores the resulting image in its memory,
and executes state-of-the-art software decoding algorithms to extract the bar code data from the image.
Operational Modes
The MC67 with an integrated imager supports three modes of operation, listed below. Activate each mode by
pressing the Scan button.
Decode Mode: In this mode, the MC67 attempts to locate and decode enabled bar codes within its field
of view. The imager remains in this mode as long as the user holds the scan button, or until it decodes a
bar code.
Pick List Mode: This mode allows the user to selectively decode a bar code when more than one bar
code is in the MC67’s field of view. To accomplish this, move the aiming crosshair or dot over the
NOTE To enable Pick List Mode, configure in DataWedge or set in an application using a API command.
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