2 - 18 MC67 User Guide
than 450 ms, which may indicates nearly a one meter drop. This data can be used as an indicator of potential
abuse or misuse.
IST features a log for recording the free fall events. This log records the date, time and the time period of the
free fall.
Use the MC67 stylus to select items and enter information. The stylus functions as a mouse.
Tap: Touch the screen once with the stylus to press option buttons and open menu items.
Tap and Hold: Tap and hold the stylus on an item to see a list of actions available for that item. On the
pop-up menu that appears, tap the action to perform.
Drag: Hold the stylus on the screen and drag across the screen to select text and images. Drag in a list to
select multiple items.
Entering Data
When entering data on the keypad, use either the single-hand method or the two-hand method as shown in
Figure 2-23.
Figure 2-23
Entering Data on the Keypad
CAUTION To prevent damage to the screen, do not use any device other than the Motorola-provided stylus.
Single-hand Method Two-hand Method
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