Using the MC67 2 - 17
Interactive Sensor Technology
The Interactive Sensor Technology (IST) supports the following features:
Power Management – manages power by configuring IST to control switching on/off the backlight,
control suspend mode of the MC67 by monitoring motion and orientation.
Display Orientation – switches the screen orientation to either landscape or portrait depending on the
MC67 orientation.
Free Fall Detection – monitors free fall duration and records the time and type of the drop event.
The MC67 is equipped with sophisticated and powerful sensors to sense and react to environmental changes,
motion, orientation and user input. These sensors include accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, ambient
light sensor, near range sensor, temperature sensor and proximity sensor.
The accelerometer and gyroscope measure the linear acceleration and angular velocity. The magnetometer
measures the magnetic field intensity experienced by the MC67. This information can be used to derive the
motion state and the orientation of the device. For example, an MC67 can automatically rotate the display from
portrait to landscape mode to match the device orientation, enter suspend mode or switch off backlight to save
power when display is placed face down.
The ambient light sensor detects the intensity of light on or around the display screen. The MC67 can adjust
the screen brightness for optimum visibility while conserving power.
The near range proximity sensor detects any object in close proximity to device. This information can be used
to disable the touch pad when the caller's face is close to the device to prevent unintended key press.
See IST Settings on page 9-8 for more information.
Power Management
The MC67 orientation and motion sensitive data can be used as an indicator of MC67 usage and can be used
to manage the battery power of the mobile computer. For example, IST can be configured to control the
backlight on and off functionality or go into suspend according to a user gesture by placing screen facing down.
It can also be used to keep the MC67 active while it is in movement to prevent it from quickly going into
suspend mode while in use.
Display Orientation
The screen can be rotated between portrait and landscape modes automatically, depending on the physical
orientation of the MC67. For example, if the MC67 is rotated 90° counterclockwise, IST rotates the display
counterclockwise 90° so that the screen display appears correct.
This functionality is achieved by monitoring screen angle and rotating the display to counter any changes. IST
only rotates the screen in multiples of 90°.
Free Fall Detection
IST continuously monitors gravitational force on the MC67 according to its current position. When the MC67
free falls, IST detects the absence of gravitational force and records the event data if it detects a free fall more
NOTE The Temperature Warning dialog box remains visible until the user taps Hide.
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