Using the MC67 2 - 11
ActiveSync - Synchronize information
between the MC67 and a host computer or
the Exchange Server.
File Explorer - Organize and manage files
on the device.
Internet Sharing - Connect a notebook
computer to the Internet using the MC67's
data connection.
Search Phone - Search contacts, data, and
other information on the MC67. Refer to the
Microsoft Applications for Windows Mobile 6
User Guide for more information.
Task Manager - Enables viewing of memory
and central processing unit (CPU)
allocations and stops running processes.
Help - Access on-line Help topics.
Wireless Companion - Opens the Wireless
Companion folder.
Office Mobile 2010 - Provides access to
Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, OneNote
Mobile, SharePoint WorkSpace Mobile and
Word Mobile applications.
Adobe Reader - View pdf files. BTScanner CtlPanel - Set com port to use
with a Bluetooth scanner.
BTExplorer - Manages StoneStreet One
Bluetooth connections. See
Chapter 7,
for more information. Appears
only if the StoneStreet One Bluetooth stack
is enabled.
DEMO - Provides a web link to install
Motorola’s featured demos for the MC67.
After installation, launches the demo
MSP Agent - Enables management of the
MC67 from an Mobility Services Platform
(MSP) Server. Requires the purchase of an
appropriate MSP client license per device to
suit the level of management functionality
MotoBTUI - Use to set Bluetooth options
and configuration.
Rapid Deployment Client - Allows the
MC67 user to stage a device for initial use by
initiating the deployment of settings,
firmware, and software. Requires the
purchase of an Mobility Services Platform
(MSP) client license per device.
RTlogEvent - Use when instructed by
Motorola Solutions support personnel.
Remote Desktop Mobile - Log onto
Windows NT server type computers and use
all of the programs that are available on that
computer from the MC67.
SIM ToolKit - Manage the contacts that are
stored on the SIM card. Copy SIM contents
to Contacts ion the device.
SMS Staging - Receives and processes
SMS messages from an MSP Server and
allows the user to stage an MC67 based on
them. Requires the purchase of an MSP
client license per device.
Table 2-5
Programs Available on the Start Menu (Continued)
Icon Description Icon Description
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