Getting Started 1 - 5
Figure 1-5
Inserting the Battery
Charging the Battery
Charging the Main Battery
Before using the MC67 for the first time, charge the main battery until the amber Charging/Battery Status light
emitting diode (LED) remains lit (see Table 1-1 on page 1-6 for charge status indications). To charge the MC67,
use a cable or a cradle with the appropriate power supply. For information about the accessories available for
the MC67, see Chapter 10, Accessories.
The MC67 is equipped with a backup battery which automatically charges from the fully-charged main battery.
When using the MC67 for the first time, the backup battery requires approximately 40 hours to fully charge.
This is also true any time the backup battery is discharged, which occurs when the main battery is removed for
several hours. The backup battery retains random access memory (RAM) data in memory for at least 15
minutes (at room temperature) when the MC67’s main battery is removed. When the MC67 reaches a very low
battery state, the combination of main battery and backup battery retains RAM data in memory for at least 36
For cable and cradle setup and charging procedures refer to the MC67 Integrator Guide.
USB Charging Cable
Charge Only Cable
Single Slot USB Cradle
Four Slot Charge Only Cradle
Four Slot Ethernet Cradle.
Battery Release Latch
CAUTION Ensure to follow the guidelines for battery safety described in Battery Safety Guidelines on page 11-2.
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