Getting Started 1 - 3
Figure 1-2
Insert microSD Card in Holder
7. Close the card holder door and push down until it is securely in place.
8. If installing a SIM card, proceed to Installing the SIM Card.
9. Close the SIM card holder door and slide down until it locks into place.
10. Close the rubber access door.
Installing the SIM Card
Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) phone service requires a SIM card. Obtain the card from a
service provider. The card fits into the MC67 and can contain the following information:
Mobile phone service provider account details.
Information regarding service access and preferences.
Contact information, which can be moved to Contacts on the MC67.
Any additional subscribed services.
To install the SIM card:
1. Lift rubber access door.
2. Slide the SIM card holder up to unlock.
3. Lift the SIM card holder door.
microSD card
Holding tab
NOTE GSM/UMTS networks only.
NOTE For more information about SIM cards, refer to the service provider's documentation.
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