Glossary - 6 MC67 User Guide
PAN . Personal Area Network. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, PANs enable devices to communicate wirelessly.
Generally, a wireless PAN consists of a dynamic group of less than 255 devices that communicate within about a
33-foot range. Only devices within this limited area typically participate in the network.
PING. (Packet Internet Groper) An Internet utility used to determine whether a particular IP address is online. It is used
to test and debug a network by sending out a packet and waiting for a response.
QWERTY. A standard keyboard commonly used on European keyboards. “QWERTY” refers to the arrangement of keys
on the top row of keys.
QWERTZ. A standard keyboard commonly used on German keyboards. “QWERTZ” refers to the arrangement of keys
on the top row of keys.
RAM. Random Access Memory. Data in RAM can be accessed in random order, and quickly written and read.
RF. Radio Frequency.
ROM. Read-Only Memory. Data stored in ROM cannot be changed or removed.
Router. A device that connects networks and supports the required protocols for packet filtering. Routers are typically
used to extend the range of cabling and to organize the topology of a network into subnets. See Subnet.
Scanner. An electronic device used to scan bar code symbols and produce a digitized pattern that corresponds to the
bars and spaces of the symbol. Its three main components are: 1) Light source (laser or photoelectric cell) -
illuminates a bar code,; 2) Photodetector - registers the difference in reflected light (more light reflected from
spaces); 3) Signal conditioning circuit - transforms optical detector output into a digitized bar pattern.
SDK. Software Development Kit
Shared Key. Shared Key authentication is an algorithm where both the AP and the MU share an authentication key.
SID. System Identification code. An identifier issued by the FCC for each market. It is also broadcast by the cellular
carriers to allow cellular devices to distinguish between the home and roaming service.
Space. The lighter element of a bar code formed by the background between bars.
Specular Reflection. The mirror-like direct reflection of light from a surface, which can cause difficulty decoding a bar
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