Glossary - 5
LASER. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.The laser is an intense light source. Light from a laser
is all the same frequency, unlike the output of an incandescent bulb. Laser light is typically coherent and has a high
energy density.
laser scanner. A type of bar code reader that uses a beam of laser light.
LCD. See Liquid Crystal Display.
LED Indicator. A semiconductor diode (LED - Light Emitting Diode) used as an indicator, often in digital displays. The
semiconductor uses applied voltage to produce light of a certain frequency determined by the semiconductor's
particular chemical composition.
Light Emitting Diode. See LED.
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). A display that uses liquid crystal sealed between two glass plates. The crystals are
excited by precise electrical charges, causing them to reflect light outside according to their bias. They use little
electricity and react relatively quickly. They require external light to reflect their information to the user.
MC. Mobile Computer.
MDN. Mobile Directory Number. The directory listing telephone number that is dialed (generally using POTS) to reach
a mobile unit. The MDN is usually associated with a MIN in a cellular telephone -- in the US and Canada, the MDN
and MIN are the same value for voice cellular users. International roaming considerations often result in the MDN
being different from the MIN.
MIN. Mobile Identification Number. The unique account number associated with a cellular device. It is broadcast by the
cellular device when accessing the cellular system.
Mobile Computer. In this text, mobile computer refers to the MC67. It can be set up to run as a stand-alone device, or
it can be set up to communicate with a network, using wireless radio technology.
Nominal. The exact (or ideal) intended value for a specified parameter. Tolerances are specified as positive and
negative deviations from this value.
NVM. Non-Volatile Memory.
Open System Authentication. Open System authentication is a null authentication algorithm.
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