API. (Application Programming Interface) An interface by means of which one software component communicates with
or controls another. Usually used to refer to services provided by one software component to another, usually via
software interrupts or function calls
AZERTY. A standard keyboard commonly used on French keyboards. “AZERTY” refers to the arrangement of keys on
the top row of keys.
AKU. (Adaptation Kit Update) Updates to the Windows Mobile operating system.
AFH. Adaptive Frequency Hopping
ActiveSync. ActiveSync is a data synchronization program developed by Microsoft for use with Windows Mobile
operating systems.
Bar Code. A pattern of variable-width bars and spaces which represents numeric or alphanumeric data in
machine-readable form. The general format of a bar code symbol consists of a leading margin, start character, data
or message character, check character (if any), stop character, and trailing margin. Within this framework, each
recognizable symbology uses its own unique format. See Symbology.
Bit. Binary digit. One bit is the basic unit of binary information. Generally, eight consecutive bits compose one byte of
data. The pattern of 0 and 1 values within the byte determines its meaning.
Bits per Second (bps). Bits transmitted or received.
Bluetooth. A wireless protocol utilizing short-range communications technology facilitating data transmission over short
boot or boot-up. The process a computer goes through when it starts. During boot-up, the computer can run
self-diagnostic tests and configure hardware and software.
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