B - 16 MC67 User Guide
Scan (yellow)
Activates the imager in a scan enabled application or takes a picture or records a video
in a camera application.
End/OK End (Red Phone): press when the phone keypad window displays to stop dialing or end
a call.
Use this key in conjunction with the Blue key as an OK or close button. This function is
user programmable.
Scroll Up
Moves up one item.
Moves left one item when pressed with the Orange key.
Scroll Down
Moves down one item.
Scroll Left
Moves left one item.
Scroll Right
Moves right one item
Produces a space character.
In default state, produces the numeric value on the key.
In Alpha state, produces the lower case alphabetic characters on the key. Each key
press produces the next alphabetic character in sequence. For example, press and
release the Orange key and then press the ‘4’ key once to produce the letter ‘g’; press
and release the Orange key and then press the ‘4’ key three times to produce the letter
Produces a backspace.
Produces a period character.
Table B-8
MC67 DSD Keypad Descriptions (Continued)
Key Description
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