B - 8 MC67 User Guide
Period Produces an period.
au Creates special characters.
Table B-4
QWERTY Keypad Input Modes
Key Normal Shift + Key Orange + Key Blue + Key
Qq Q * q
Ww W 1 w
Ee E 2 e
Rr R 3 r
Tt T + t
Yy Y _ y
Uu U - u
Ii I = i
Oo O “ o
Pp P áü p
Aa A # a
Ss S 4 s
Dd D 5 d
Ff F 6 f
Gg G ( g
Hh H ) h
Jj J / j
Kk K : k
Ll L ‘ l
Backspace Backspace Backspace Backspace Backspace
Shift Shift Shift-Lock Shift Shift
Note: An application can change the key functions. The keypad may not function exactly as
Table B-3
Alpha-numeric Keypad Descriptions (Continued)
Key Action
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