11 - 8 MC67 User Guide
The MC67 does not
decode with reading
bar code.
application is not
Load a scanning application on the MC67 or enable
DataWedge. See
DataWedge on page 3-4
or the system
Unreadable bar
Ensure the symbol is not defaced.
Distance between
exit window and bar
code is incorrect.
Place the MC67 within proper scanning range.
MC67 is not
programmed for the
bar code.
Program the MC67 to accept the type of bar code being
scanned. Refer to the EMDK or DataWedge application.
MC67 is not
programmed to
generate a beep.
If the MC67 does not beep on a good decode, set the
application to generate a beep on good decode.
Battery is low. If the scanner stops emitting a laser beam upon a trigger press,
check the battery level. When the battery is low, the scanner
shuts off before the MC67 low battery condition notification.
Note: If the scanner is still not reading symbols, contact the
distributor or Motorola.
User is trying to
decode a DPM bar
An MC67 with a DPM imager is required. Contact system
Error message “SIM
Error. Cannot save
information to the SIM”
appears when copying
contacts to a SIM card.
Feature not
supported on some
SIM cards.
If error appears while copying one contact, reboot the MC67.
The contact appears on the SIM card after rebooting.
If error appears while copying multiple contacts, copy one
contact at a time and follow above solution.
Use Microsoft Outlook Exchange and ActiveSync to
synchronize contacts with Microsoft Outlook on host computer.
MC67 cannot find any
Bluetooth devices
Too far from other
Bluetooth devices.
Move closer to the other Bluetooth device(s), within a range of
10 meters (32.8 feet).
The Bluetooth
device(s) nearby
are not turned on.
Turn on the Bluetooth device(s) to find.
The Bluetooth
device(s) are not in
discoverable mode.
Set the Bluetooth device(s) to discoverable mode. If needed,
refer to the device’s user documentation for help.
Cannot unlock MC67. User enters
incorrect password.
If the user enters an incorrect password eight times, the user is
requested to enter a code before trying again.
If the user forgot the password, contact system administrator.
Table 11-1
Troubleshooting the MC67 (Continued)
Problem Cause Solution
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