11 - 4 MC67 User Guide
Harmful Ingredients
The following chemicals are known to damage the plastics on the MC67 and should not come in contact with
the device: ammonia solutions, compounds of amines or ammonia; acetone; ketones; ethers; aromatic and
chlorinated hydrocarbons; acqueous or alcoholic alkaline solutions; ethanolamine; toluene; trichloroethylene;
benzene; carbolic acid and TB-lysoform.
Cleaning Instructions
Do not apply liquid directly to the MC67. Dampen a soft cloth or use pre-moistened wipes. Do not wrap the
device in the cloth or wipe, but gently wipe the unit. Be careful not to let liquid pool around the display window
or other places. Allow the unit to air dry before use.
Special Cleaning Notes
Many vinyl gloves contain phthalate additives, which are often not recommended for medical use and are
known to be harmful to the housing of the MC67. The MC67 should not be handled while wearing vinyl gloves
containing phthalates, or before hands are washed to remove contaminant residue after gloves are removed. If
products containing any of the harmful ingredients listed above are used prior to handling the MC67, such as
hand sanitizer that contain ethanolamine, hands must be completely dry before handling the MC67 to prevent
damage to the plastics.
Materials Required
Alcohol wipes
Lens tissue
Cotton tipped applicators
Isopropyl alcohol
Can of compressed air with a tube.
Cleaning the MC67
Using the alcohol wipes, wipe the housing including keys and in-between keys.
The display can be wiped down with the alcohol wipes, but care should be taken not to allow any pooling of
liquid around the edges of the display. Immediately dry the display with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to prevent
Scanner Exit Window
Wipe the scanner exit window periodically with a lens tissue or other material suitable for cleaning optical
material such as eyeglasses.
1. Remove the main battery from mobile computer. See Replacing the Battery on page 1-7.
2. Dip the cotton portion of the cotton tipped applicator in isopropyl alcohol.
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