Maintenance & Troubleshooting 11 - 3
To charge the mobile device battery, the battery and charger temperatures must be between +32 ºF and
+104 ºF (0 ºC and +40 ºC)
Do not use incompatible batteries and chargers. Use of an incompatible battery or charger may present a
risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or other hazard. If the user has any questions about the compatibility of a
battery or a charger, contact Motorola Solutions Global Customer Support.
For devices that utilize a USB port as a charging source, the device shall only be connected to products
that bear the USB-IF logo or have completed the USB-IF compliance program.
To enable authentication of an approved battery, as required by IEEE1725 clause 10.2.1, all batteries will
carry a Motorola hologram. Do not fit any battery without checking it has the Motorola authentication
Do not disassemble or open, crush, bend or deform, puncture, or shred.
Severe impact from dropping any battery-operated device on a hard surface could cause the battery to
Do not short circuit a battery or allow metallic or conductive objects to contact the battery terminals.
Do not modify or remanufacture, attempt to insert foreign objects into the battery, immerse or expose to
water or other liquids, or expose to fire, explosion, or other hazard.
Do not leave or store the equipment in or near areas that might get very hot, such as in a parked vehicle
or near a radiator or other heat source. Do not place battery into a microwave oven or dryer.
Battery usage by children should be supervised.
Please follow local regulations to properly dispose of used re-chargeable batteries.
Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
In the event of a battery leak, do not allow the liquid to come in contact with the skin or eyes. If contact
has been made, wash the affected area with large amounts of water and seek medical advice.
If the user suspects damage to the equipment or battery, contact Motorola Solution Global Customer
Support to arrange for inspection.
Approved Cleanser Active Ingredients
100% of the active ingredients in any cleaner must consist of one or some combination of the following:
isopropyl alcohol, bleach/sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide or mild dish soap.
CAUTION Always wear eye protection.
Read warning label on compressed air and alcohol product before using.
If the user has to use any other solution for medical reasons please contact Motorola for more
WARNING!Avoid exposing this product to contact with hot oil or other flammable liquids. If such
exposure occurs, unplug the device and clean the product immediately in accordance with
these guidelines.
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