Accessories 10 - 19
Using the RS507 Hands-free Imager
An RS507 Hands-free Imager can be used with the MC67 to capture bar code data.
To set up the MC67 and RS507:
1. Tap > BTScannerCtlPanel icon.
2. Select the BT Scanner checkbox and then select the appropriate Com port from the drop-down list.
3. Tap Save and Exit.
4. Tap > MotoBTUI.
5. Tap Pairing Barcode. A bar code displays.
Figure 10-16
Pairing Bar Code
6. Point the RS507 at the bar code. The RS507 reads the bar code and begins pairing with the MC67. If
required, enter PIN (12345). Tap Yes.
7. If using DataWedge, configure DataWedge to use the Bluetooth SSI Scanner Driver. See DataWedge on
page 3-4 for setup instructions.
8. Launch a scanning enabled application or DataWedge.
9. Point the RS507 at a bar code to read the bar code data.
Refer to the RS507 Hands-free Imager Product Reference Guide for more information.
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