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Tap > Wireless Companion > Wireless Status > Versions.
Phone Software
To determine the Phone software version:
Press > > Phone information.
Chapter Descriptions
Topics covered in this guide are as follows:
Chapter 1, Getting Started provides information on getting the MC67 up and running for the first time.
Chapter 2, Using the MC67 provides basic instructions for using the MC67, including powering on and
resetting the MC67.
Chapter 3, Data Capture provides instructions for capturing data.
Chapter 4, Making Calls provides setup instructions for the MC67 phone.
Chapter 5, Using WLAN provides information for connection the MC67 to a WLAN.
Chapter 6, Messaging provides information for using Email, SMS and MMS messaging.
Chapter 7, Bluetooth explains Bluetooth functionality on the MC67.
Chapter 8, Using GPS Navigation provides information about GPS navigation with the MC67.
Chapter 9, Settings provides basic instructions for using the MC67 phone.
Chapter 10, Accessories describes the available accessories and how to use them with the MC67.
Chapter 11, Maintenance & Troubleshooting includes instructions on cleaning and storing the MC67, and
provides troubleshooting solutions for potential problems during MC67 operation.
Appendix A, Technical Specifications provides the technical specifications for the MC67.
Appendix B, Keypads Provides information on the various keypad configuration.
Notational Conventions
The following conventions are used in this document:
Mobile computer refers to the Motorola MC67 series of hand-held computers.
Italics are used to highlight the following:
Chapters and sections in this and related documents
Icons on a screen.
Bold text is used to highlight the following:
Dialog box, window, and screen names
Drop-down list and list box names
Check box and radio button names
Key names on a keypad
Button names on a screen.
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