10 - 12 MC67 User Guide
VCD5000 Vehicle Cradle
This section describes how to use a VCD5000 vehicle cradle with the MC67. For cradle installation and
communication setup procedures refer to the MC67 Integrator Guide.
Once installed in a vehicle, the cradle:
holds the MC67 securely in place
provides power for operating the MC67
re-charges the battery in the MC67.
Charging the MC67 Battery
Insert the MC67 into the vehicle cradle to begin charging. A click indicates that the MC67 button release
locking mechanism is enabled and the MC67 is locked in place.
Figure 10-9
MC67 Battery Charging
Removing the MC67
To remove the MC67, hold back the release lever on the cradle and pull the MC67 up and out of the cradle.
CAUTION Ensure the MC67 is fully inserted in the cradle. Lack of proper insertion may result in property damage
or personal injury. Motorola is not responsible for any loss resulting from the use of the products while
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