10 - 10 MC67 User Guide
Magnetic Stripe Reader
The MSR snaps on to the bottom of the MC67 and removes easily when not in use. When attached to the
MC67, the MSR allows the MC67 to capture data from magnetic stripe cards. With the MSR attach, the MC67
can still be charged by placing the MC67 with MSR into a cradle or connecting to a charging cable.
Attaching and Removing the MSR
To attach, slide the MSR onto the bottom of the MC67 and secure by snapping the arms into the MC67
Figure 10-8
MSR Installation
To remove the MSR open the arms and pull the MSR from the MC67.
Using the MSR
Install an MSR enabled application onto the MC67.
To use the MSR:
1. Attach the MSR to the MC67.
NOTE When attaching a cable with a cup connector through the MSR to charge the device, you cannot swipe
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