10 - 2 MC67 User Guide
Power Supply PWRS-14000-249R Provides power to the MC67 using the USB Charging Cable
or Charge Only Cable.
Power Supply PWRS-14000-148R Provides power to the Single Slot USB cradle and Four Slot
Spare Battery Charger.
Power Supply PWRS-14000-241R Provides power to the Four Slot Charge Only cradle or Four
Slot Ethernet cradles.
USB Charging Cable 25-108022-03R Provides power to the MC67 and USB communication with a
host computer.
Charge Only Cable 25-112560-02R Connects to a power supply to provide power to the MC67.
Auto Charge Cable VCA5500-01R Charges the MC67 using a vehicle’s cigarette lighter.
DC Cable 50-16002-029R Provides power from the power supply to the Four Slot
Spare 3600 mAh lithium-ion
Replacement 3600 mAh battery.
DEX Cable 25-127558-01R For use with electronic data exchange For example, vending
USB Client Communication
25-68596-01R Provides USB communication between the Single Slot USB
Cradle and a host computer.
Printer Cable 25-136283-01R Provides connection to a Monarch/Paxar Serial printer.
Trigger Handle TRG5500-101R Adds a gun-style handle with a scanning trigger for
comfortable and productive data capture.
Trigger Handle Hand Strap 21-138874-01R Handstrap for the Trigger handle.
Magnetic Stripe Reader MSR5500-100R Captures data from magnetic stripe cards.
Belt Mounted Rigid Holster SG-MC5511110-01R Clips onto belt to hold the MC67 when not in use.
Fabric Holster SG-MC5521110-01R Soft holder for added protection.
Stylus KT-119150-03R
Replacement stylus (3-pack).
Replacement stylus (50-pack).
Spring Loaded Stylus STYLUS-00001-03R
Optional spring loaded stylus (3-pack).
Optional spring loaded stylus (10-pack).
Stylus with Tether Stylus-00003-03R
Spare stylus with tether (3-pack).
Spare Tether KT-122621-03R
Replacement tether (3-pack).
Handstrap SG-MC5523341-03R Replacement handstrap with pin
Wall Mounting Kit KT-136648-01R Use for wall mounting the four slot cradles.
Screen Protector KT-137521-03R Package of 3 screen protectors.
Table 10-1
MC67 Accessories (Continued)
Accessory Part Number Description
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