Settings 9 - 9
Figure 9-6
Power Management Tab
On Face Down
The On Face Down section provides configurable options to control what happens when the MC667 is placed
with the display face down.
Select the Display Off checkbox to turn off the backlight when the MC67 is placed face-down. The backlight
automatically powers on when the MC67 is tuned face-up.
Select the Suspend checkbox to suspend the MC67 when it placed face-down. To wake the MC67 use the
controls listed in the Wake Up on Motion section below.
Keep Alive On Motion
Select the Enabled checkbox to prevent the MC67 from going into suspend mode while it is in motion. The
motion sensitivity is configurable. To set the sensitivity, tap the Change Sensitivity button.
Setting Sensitivity
Use the slider to set the sensitivity. A low setting indicates that a harder shake (faster movement) is required
for the IST to initiate a wake up action. The sensitivity can be set from “0” to “10” and when the sensitivity is set
to lower values a simple shake/motion can be detected by IST. A high setting allows IST to issue a wake up
action when an easier movement to the MC67 is detected. Shake the MC67 to test the set sensitivity. An audio
sound is heard and a message is displayed on screen when the shaking level reaches the set sensitivity level.
NOTE There is no time out defined for suspend due to IST inactivity. To aggressively manage power, while there
is no motion, set the MC67 suspend time out to a very short time using system power settings. This
setting suspends the MC67 when there is no motion activity or any other activity within this set time out.
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