9 - 6 MC67 User Guide
USB On-the-Go - Sets the MC67 to automatically determine necessary mode (default).
To place the MC67 into one of these modes:
1. Tap > Settings > System > USBConfig.
2. Select one of the USB radio buttons.
3. Tap OK.
UI Settings
Use the UI Settings application to change the grid view in the Start screen and to control Zooming in Internet
Start Screen Settings
To change the grid view of the Start screen:
1. Tap Start> Settings > System > UI Settings.
2. Tap the Start Screen Settings tab.
Figure 9-2
Start Screen Settings Tab
3. Select the number of columns.
4. Tap OK.
5. Tap OK.
6. Preform a warm boot.
IE Zoom Mapping
When Internet Explorer opens, the volume keys on the side of the MC67 are used to zoom in and out. To
disable IE Zoom Mapping:
1. Tap > Settings > > System > UI Settings.
NOTE Tap Reset to return to the default 3 Column setting.
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