9 - 4 MC67 User Guide
Locking the MC67
Use the Password window to set a password to disable unauthorized access to the MC67.
1. Tap > Settings > Lock.
Figure 9-1
Password Window
2. Select Prompt if device unused for check box to enable password protection.
3. From the drop-down list, select a time value for the protection to take affect after non-use.
4. From the Password type: drop-down list, select either Simple PIN or Strong alphanumeric.
5. For a simple password, enter a four-digit password in the Password field.
For a stronger password:
a. Enter a seven character password in the Password: field. A strong password must contain at least
seven characters and contain at least three of the following: uppercase and lowercase letters,
numerals, and punctuation.
b. Re-enter the password in the Confirm: field.
6. Tap OK.
7. Tap OK.
Power Settings
To set the MC67 to turn off after a short period of non-use:
1. Tap > Setting > System > Power.
NOTE If the device is configured to connect to a network, use a strong (difficult to figure out) password to help
protect network security. Password cracking tools continue to improve and the computers used to crack
passwords are more powerful than ever.
If the user enters an incorrect password eight times, the user is requested to enter a code before trying
If the user forgets the password, contact the system administrator.
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